My IrfanView Cheat Sheet Of Commonly Used Settings

Is it just me or does IrfanView's menu settings not seem to be as intuitive as standardized as other photo editing apps? In order to remind myself of where my most common settings are I've created a short cheat sheet here. Irfanview Image Editing Settings COLOURS Image>Color Corrections, Shift-G Image>Auto Adjust Colors, Shift-U Edit>Show Paint dialog, F12 SELECT & CROP Selection box area with mouse. Edit>Create custom crop selection..., Shift-C Edit>Insert overlay/watermark image... SCREEN CAPTURE Type C to access settings Change capture hotkey to Ctrl, = ----- Edit>Cut Selection, Ctrl-X (cuts a hole out, img surounds it) Edit>Cut Area outside selection, (area outside img. is black) IMAGE RESIZE & SHARPEN File>Open, O (small letter o), opens file finder Image>Resize/Resample, Ctrl-R Image>Sharpen, Shift-S Image>Create Tiled Images Image>Change Canvas size...,Shift-V MISC. File>Thumbnails, T or click img grid icon (shows folder imgs. in a grid) Edit>Insert text..., Ctrl-T File>Batch Conversion/Rename..., B File>Search Files..., Ctrl-F ----- File>Opens file in external editor after img already open in Irfanview: Shift 1, Photoshop CS6 Shift 2, Affinity Photo Shift 3, Cyberlink Photodirector 9 Irfanview, Ctrl-N, opens duplicate file in IrfanView (Set in Options>Properties/Settings, Miscellaneous, P)

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