Elementor Pro For Developers

Where to find common features for developers new to Elementor Pro.

Custom CSS:In Advanced tab of selection widget

Theme Builder Options:
Go to Wordpress Dashboard/Templates (under Elementor)
You can create custom Headers, Footers, Single Page and Archive templates.

To use existing blank templates built into Elementor Pro: Dashboard/Templates/Add New

Watch out for confusing templates organization in Elementor. You won’t be able to see all available templates under Theme Builder or Saved Templates.
To view ALL available template types:Dashboard/Templates/Add New then close the popup without creating a new template.
That will take you back to the WordPress dashboard where you can then see all the available templates in the My Templates page including Global Widgets and Sections.


Section Blocks Can be Saved As Templates
Blocks hold widgets inside. Blocks containing customized widgets can be saved as templates. For instance a Block with multiple images and text blocks customized and arranged for sales items can be saved as a template. Right click the center icon with 6 dots at the top of the Block to “Save as Template”.

Custom Global Widgets Can Be Created
You can customize an existing widget such as the text widget and then save it as a Global Widget by right clicking the widget’s pencil icon (top right corner) and “Save as Global”. You can reuse your custom Global widget in any other page you create.

Dynamic Fields
This is extremely useful. You can pull fields from WordPress’s page and post fields, even custom post types. For instance, style a Header Widget and have it display the blog post’s title. Look for the tiny disc drive platters icon at the right of certain fields show here.