Powerdirector Hotkeys

LENOVO T440S Fn Lock=Esc, Fn

Alt, H: Open customize Hotkeys panel
=: zoom in on timeline
– (next to + key):zoom out on timeline
Ctrl Left, Ctrl right: previous or next clip in track

, . (comma and period): previous/next frame/sec/etc.

Shift, left arrow: go to left marker
Shift, right arrow: go to right marker
Shift, m: Add marker at current timeline position!

Alt, left arrow: move timeline object 1 frame left
Alt, right arrow: move timeline object 1 frame right

Alt, up arrow:next second
Alt, down arrow: previous second

Ctrl, F: fast forward

Home/End: Beginning or End of timeline or clip.
Ctrl, Backspace: Mute on/off
Ctrl, U: show Powerdirector volume slider
Tab: Switch between Timeline and Storyboard mode
F3: Switch to Media room
F: Full screen

Ctrl + T: Split clip at current timeline slider position
F2: Modify (selected clip in PIP/Particle/Title Designer)
F7: Switch to Title Designer
F8: Transition Room
F9: Audio Mixing Room
Page Up: Switch to Clip Mode
Page Down: Switch to Movie mode

Shift, X: Cut and leave gap
Ctrl, Alt, X: Cut and move clips on same track
Alt, X: Cut and move all clips after removed clip
Alt, P: display project properties