How To Transfer Zhiyun Smooth-Q Videos To Google Drive

I'm using a Samsung S6 with the Zhiyun Smooth Q gimbal. The new Zhiyun ZY Play is the companion app. This app replaces their Zhiyun Assistant app. The problem is Zhiyun ZY Play saves the videos recorded with the app's camera in it's own folder but doesn't allow upload to Google Photos or sharing with the camera camera app. It's necessary to use the ZY Play camera to access the more advanced features like motion hyperlapse. I offload all my videos to Photos for a bunch of reasons. Save storage on the Samsung S6 (no SD card option on this phone) and as backup storage. I later download the video from Photos for editing later. Here's how I get around it. What you need to do is transfer photos or videos to the camera folder and from there you can upload to Photos. So use a file explorer app like ES File Explorer and look for sdcard/ ZYPlay folder, select the file and move it to sdcard/ DCIM > Camera folder. From there you can upload the videos or photos to Google. Alternatively you can use the Samsung My Files app. Open My Files and choose the Videos icon, select…

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Is The Zhiyun Play App Finally Usable?

This is a very unscientific test but the Zhiyun Play app seems to be finally usable now. Before the recent March 5th update, timelapse panoramas and face tracking were pretty much unusable on my 3 smartphones. Previously the LG G5 which has 2 cameras, a wide angle and a more narrow focal length main camera. The panoramas would constantly be out of focus and object tracking was unusable when I tried using it to record bands at my local bar. Zy Play was constantly losing track of people and pointing in odd directions so the subject was out of frame. With the recent update on March 5th I tried the app again on a Samsung S6, LG G5 and an iPhone SE. General Impressions Panoramas work fine on all 3 phones. Face tracking is still somewhat problematic. The iPhone SE worked the best but tracking is still slow and the app has problems keeping the subject in the center of frame. It could work if the person doesn't move too far off center and not too quickly. I will do some tests with a band over the weekend.

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