Using OceanWP With Elementor – Tips

Editing OceanWP Footer Widget Button Link Colors

I created a custom footer template in OceanWP using Elementor. I ran into this problem when Elementor Pro was not able to over ride some of the link colors in OceanWP’s footer widgets.

PS. You can disable your theme’s ability to override Elementor Pro’s colors by going to Elementor/Settings. Disable Default Colors, Disable Default Fonts.

Adding to the problem was a button created in Elementor Pro that had a hover color.

To lock in the colors add this to the WordPress Customizer’s Custom CSS/JS.

/* Footer Link Colors */
#footer-widgets a {color:#FA9100}
#footer-widgets a.button {color:#282828}
#footer-widgets a.button:hover {color:#282828}

Elementor Text Editor Widget Not Changing Font Settings

Have you ever run into problems with the Elementor Text Editor Widget not being able to change the font size, line spacing etc.? At first I investigated whether there was a conflict with the theme but that didn’t appear to be the case. Even setting all fonts back to default and disabling Elementor fonts in Elementor settings didn’t work.

fix Elementor Text Widget not being able to change font size and font settings

This tiny piece of css added to WordPress/Customizer/Custom CSS did the trick.

.elementor-text-editor p{ font-size: inherit; line-height: inherit; letter-spacing: inherit; }

Force Elementor Pro Button Colors

Using OceanWP and Elementor Pro I added a popup button in the footer widget area. Even after turning off theme control over Elementor colors in Elementor>Settings>Disable Default Colors, the text colours were not correct.

Here is what I did to over ride any color settings other plugins may be inserting.

This may be a bit sloppy but put this in the OceanWP Customizer Custom CSS/JS section.

/* Footer Link Colours */
a.elementor-button-link.elementor-button.elementor-size-sm {color:#ffffff !important}
a.elementor-button-link.elementor-button.elementor-size-sm:hover {color:#282828 !important}


Well, it looks like I found the problem. Uploading some of the OceanWP Pro templates inserts CSS into the Customizer.

Found this when I scrolled up the Custom CSS/JS section so look in the CSS section if you’re experiencing color wonkiness.