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Fulvic Acid FAQ

benefits of humic acid benefits fulvic acid

Fulivc acid is the main active component in shilajit, an ancient Ayurvedic remedy for various ailments.

Shilajit as been referred to as “The Destroyer of Weakness” in ancient texts because of it purported ability to help heal many conditions.

Science has demonstrated that shilajit’s potent effects come from fulvic acid. Tests have shown that shiljit contains about 0.96-8% fulvic acid.

Fulvic acid is a unique complex nutrient structure developed by Nature.

It takes the perfect conditions to be created such as geographical location, geological conditions and millions and millions of years.

This special compound may hold a panacea of health benefits as evidenced by thousands of scientific studies.

It contains over 80 beneficial nutrients such as:

  • antioxidants
  • electrolytes
  • trace minerals
  • probiotics
  • prebiotics
  • enzymes
  • amino acids
  • organic acids
  • natural detoxifiers
  • and more

Fulvic acid was once abundant in our fruits and vegetables, but are now barely detectable in today’s produce.

Fulvic Acid and Humic Acid For Gut Health

fulvic acid for gut health

Boost metabolism and fix leaky gut with fulvic acid.

The malfunction of tight junctions in the stomach is what can cause leaky gut syndrome and may you sick and tired.

Nutrients are then supposed to be absorbed by the intestinal lining and this is were things become critical. If your ability to absorb nutrients is compromised at this stage they will not likely be transferred into the bloodstream and distributed for use or storage as they should.

This is where the term tight junctions come into play which are are essentially the stomach’s gateways to absorption of your nutrients.  These tight junctions are so important to your gut health and immune system that if they stop working properly you will likely get sick and your blood stream will fill up with toxins.

Fulvic acid is a nutrient supercharger and leaky gut solution.

Fulvic acid has 3 distinct mechanisms that help nutrient absorption: 

  1. Repairs your digestive system by optimizing tight junctions – the gateway to your system 
  2. Replenishes healthy nutrients, enzymes and healthy bacterial floras through its unique nutrient profile
  3. Makes beneficial nutrients more bioavailable by attaching to them through a strong ionic charge and acting as magnet and a transport system to your cells

What this means is fulvic acid superchargers your nutrient absorption and also increases the efficiency of protein, carbohydrate and fat utilization. On top, it can also increase the absorption of all the health supplements you already take like vitamins, minerals, greens, creatine, protein powders and more.

One fulvic acid molecule is capable of transporting 60x its weight in minerals and trace elements directly into our cells.

So what can you do about leaky gut?

Humic and fulvic acids may be your solution. They can act as both nutrient transporters and toxin removal agents. Their most important benefits in regards to leaky gut is their ability to repair what are called “tight junctions”. 

Tight junctions are basically your body’s digestive defence against harmful toxins and part of your stomach’s digestive intelligence.

These junctions may “loosen” when exposed to gluten, glyphosate (which can be detected in a lot of industrial produce) and even EMFs such as wifi, cell phones and microwaves.

Essentially, we are all exposed to one, if not all of these triggers. When this happens a multitude of symptoms may occur. Many can experience food sensitivities/allergies, skin problems, fatigue, IBS, weight gain, immune system decline and more. 

Where can you get humic and fulvic acids? They were once abundant in our produce but with the depletion of fertile top soil they have been greatly diminished.

AEON  has been developed as a human grade nutraceutical to provide a highly purified and effective humic and fulvic supplement to help combat leaky gut and repair you body’s natural tight junctions. AEON is sourced and produced in Canada with some of the world’s most strict regulation and manufacturing standards.

Learn more about the benefits of humic and fulvic acids in our blog

Fulvic and humic acid for hair treatment

humic fulvic acid gut health

This recent study our of Argentina (Cisterna, Bovcom) studied the use of peat as a topical treatment for hair. Peat is a mixture of various organic and inorganic substances that form in the incomplete decomposition of plant matter. And if you have been following this blog for a while, you will know that this decomposition is the natural mechanism for the creation of fulvic and humic acids (which are the primary ingredients in our own product AEON).

The researchers made an extract of peat from the west Patagonian region of Junk Carex and applied it to human subjects.  And the results are promising.

The authors state:

“Peat’s acidic complex composition is rich in humic and fulvic acids and minerals which brings benefits to the scalp biology, simulating horny layers cells renovation, regulating scalp pH, controlling seborrhea/water ratio and enhancing microcirculation.”

They conclude:

“Peat chemistry is a natural source of active molecules useful for hair cosmetic and scalp health treatments. Though peat is applied for many dermatological and cosmetic treatments, elucidation of their exact composition in extracts is still unclear. Further studies need to be performed in order to learn from their action mechanisms and to compare the beneficial results with placebo”.

Very promising indeed.

Fulvic Acid Antioxidant Effects

humic acid fulvic acid

We have discussed fulvic acid’s beneficial antioxidant properties in a number of blog posts  here. A natural component called “superoxide distmutase” (“SOD”), one of the powerful antioxidants contained in fulvic acid, is one of the primary reasons for this amazing benefit.

Superoxide distmutase is an important enzyme and is a primary antioxidant defense against oxidative stress in your body.

As we have discussed in other blog posts, oxidative stress has been strongly linked to all sorts of ailments such as:

  • atherosclerosis
  • neurological degeneration
  • cystic fibrosis
  • inflammation
  • arthritis
  • and others

It is also the primary cause of aging – skin wrinkles, discolouration, hair loss, muscle loss, amongst others.

In this study, the authors single out the efficacy of fulvic acid:

“All treatments showed a strong antioxidant activity in tested methods. Fulvic acids has been found to possess the highest activity in all tested models in dose dependent manner.”
Superoxide dismutase is just one of a number of power antioxidants in fulvic acid, and it is likely –given how effective SOD is– that it is the reason why fulvic is so effective in this function.
We here at AEON are highly encouraged by findings such as these – which is why we are making it available to the general public at a great price. AEON is the purified form of fulvic and humic acids – both which both act in concert to provide your system with a multitude of benefits – not just as antioxidants.

The Journal of Alzheimer’s Disease (JAD) shows how fulvic acid supplements fights Alzheimer’s

Alzheimer’s disease is a neurodegenerative disorder involving extracellular plaques (amyloid-β) and intracellular tangles of tau protein.

This research article published in JAD shows promise of a natural substance called fulvic acid as an effective solution to help combat Alzheimer’s disease.

The study investigates fulvic acids role in in diminishing amyloid plaque and the reduction in tau protein fibrils.

This is exciting news for not only people suffering from Alzheimer’s disease, but also for people looking to take a preventative approach to this debilitative disease.

Fulvic acid can be found in supplements like AEON.

Fulvic acid has potential to improve cognitive function

fulvic acid for brain function improvement

In a previous blog posts, we discussed how scientific research has shown that free radical damage is the cause of many effects of aging and overall decline of human health. We also discussed fulvic acid’s natural ability to reduce oxidative stress by eliminating free radicals and toxins from your system.

Scientific research is slowly unraveling the mysteries of cognitive decline. Human cognitive health deteriorates as we age and many of us will be suffering dementia in a few years time.

Improving cognitive performance is something we here at AEON are very interested in. In this post we dig a little deeper on the science behind this.

The Journal of Alzheimer’s Disease published a paper that we discussed here that shows how fulvic acids may help in reducing the harmful plaque that accumulates around parts of your central nervous system.

This plaque – which is akin to the cholesterol plaque that forms around your arteries – impairs the electrochemical signals that are the basis of how your central nervous system operates. It acts sort of like an electrochemical insulator slowing down or cutting off brain and nerve signals that comprise much of what we believe to be cognition.

These plaques (amyloid-β) and tau protein are likely the result of free radical damage – either dietary, environment, or genetic in cause. Scientific research has determined how fulvic acid can reduce the accumulation of these plaques.

How does fulvic acid do that? Scientists believe that a natural chemical mechanism called “complement fixation” may be part of fulvic acid’s magic.

Fulvic acid rich shilajit shown to have promise in treating Type-2 Diabetes

buy humic fulvic acid supplements

paper published in the Journal of Diabetic Research outlines some peer-reviewed research on the therapeutic effects of fulvic acids. The papers all focus on fulvic acid’s potential benefits in treating chronic inflammation.

“Chronic inflammation” is a catch-all term for a number of ailments. Asthma, ezcema, allergies, arthritis – to name a few. They also cover fulvic acid’s beneficial effects on oxidative stress and gut biome composition.

Recent scientific research links inflammation and oxidative stress and changes to gut biome with the emergence Type-2 Diabetes. In one study, shilajit (a traditional source of fulvic acids) was shown to reduce hyperglycaemia in diabetic rats.

The authors believe that using fulvic acid as a adjunct to nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) now commonly prescribed to many patients with Type-2 Diabetes.