OceanWP Woocommerce Color Settings

Some common OceanWP settings for Woocommerce buttons for product and archive pages.

OceanWP Woocommerce general button colors.
Go to General Options/Theme Buttons

To Change Colors of Related Products :Add to Cart button; at bottom of indiv. products pages

Woocommerce/Advanced Styling
Scroll to Product Entry: Add To Cart

Woocommerce Description Tab colors on Product Pages
Woocommerce/Advanced Styling
Scroll to Single Product: Tabs (last 1/3 of scroll)

Elementor Error when Editing

Make sure to try turning shop page to draft, or change shop page temporarily to another page in Woocommerce. Edit in Elementor, then change page back to main store page or even try leaving that setting blank. Woocommerce/Products/Shop page.

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What Is The OceanWP Separate Layout?

OceanWP’s page layout section is located here in the Customizer.

WP admin dashboard > Appearance > Customize > General Options > General Styles > Pages

Full width and boxed layout is pretty much self explanatory but OceanWP has a layout option called Separate that isn’t described in the documention.

In short the Separate layout makes your content boxed but your header/footer are full width. Hope that saves you minutes of Googling.

OceanWP WordPress theme separate page layout for pages
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