Heading and Title Cheat Sheet For Oceanwp

Top Menu

Menu Height
Customizer > Header > General > Menu > Height

Sticky Header Height
Sticky Header > Sticky Height

Header Menu Font Size
Typography > Main Menu > Font Size


Header Border Bottom
Header > General > Style > turn off Header Border Bottom

Sticky Header Drop Shadow
Sticky Header > Sticky > no shadow when scrolling

Sticky header height: Sticky Header

Header Post Title Name
Blog > Single Post > Page Header Title (blog or Post Title)

Typography > Breadcrumbs

General Options > Page Title > Breadcrumbs

Page Title= the place where “Blog” and breadcrumbs are. Align Breadcrumbs with this css.

.site-breadcrumbs {text-align:left;font-weight:bold;}
.page-header-title {color:#001ef2; }

Underneath post photo: blog post title

.single-post-title entry-title {display:none;}