Setting OceanWP Full Screen Blog Layout Margins

I discovered a problem when setting up a new site with OceanWP when setting pages to full screen layout via Customizer > Blog > Single Post. The sides, top and bottom had margin of 0 by default. The Customizer settings don't allow you to set margins. I had to insert this piece of css in Customizer > Custom CSS/JS. .single-post.content-full-screen .content-area { max-width: 90% !important; margin: 35px auto !important; } The margin: 35px sets the top and bottom margins.

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Changing WordPress Site Title Color in OceanWp

If you are not using a logo on your Wordpress theme and just have text for the site title or sitename, here is where you can change the site name color in the OceanWP theme. In the OceanWp Customizer (Wordpress's Appearance/Customize) go to Header/Logo section and scroll down to the Color setting and use the color picker or type in your hex value. This will change the text color in the header.

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How To Turn Off Related Posts in OceanWP

There are 2 settings to check. First, if you have Jetpack installed, be sure to turn it off here.Jetpack/Settings/Traffic/Related posts PS. Jetpack Sitemaps are also here.Jetpack/Settings/Traffic/Sitemaps Second, to turn off Related Posts at the bottom of blog posts in OceanWP, go to Wordpress Customizer/Blog/Single PostElements Positioning/Related Posts To turn off the time stamps on these posts add this in CSS/JStime.published {display:none}

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OceanWp Title Settings

Oceanwp Page Title At Top Of Page Settingsfor Background Image etc. Fonts Page Title at top of page, font settingsCustomizer/Typography/Page Title Using the Customizer/Typography/H1 does not affect font family on page title. Page Title Background Image and Background banner HEIGHT General Options/Page TitleStyle:Background ImageImage: position, repeat, size, height, overlay opacity and colour, (this only seems to work for new pages from a fresh install, doesn't work for imported sites from old Oceanwp sites) To adjust height of the title background; go to Padding and change the padding top and bottom. Can be adjustable for desktop and mobile. Show or hide on Devices Hide Breadcrumbs or Title Customizer/General Options/Page Titlescroll down to Breadcrumbs

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OceanWP Quick Notes, Access Common Settings

TOPBAR Top Bar, turn off top bar above Header = Top Bar/General Turning off Top Bar in OceanWP/Theme Panel/Customizer Sections will get rid of all colour and other settings for the top bar. Top Bar Dropdown Menu Colors For Topbar menus: links can ONLY be 1 color, including dropdowns Top Bar/General/Link Color Use Header/Menu/Dropdowns Styling for dropdown background colors Colour, Link Colours: Customize/Top Bar/General Background & border colours. Small social icons on Top Bar. Customize/Top Bar/Social OceanWP Customize/Top Bar code, adds icon and phone number <i class="icon-phone" style="margin: 0 7px 0 0; color: #0a3069;"></i> 1-555-645-324 <i class="icon-clock" style="margin: 0 7px; color: #0a3069;"></i>Monday - Sunday 10:00 - 22:00 HEADERS Site Name, Domain name URL link colours: Header/Logo  Color:Color: Hover Background Colour = Header/General Header Padding = Header/General Header Background Image = Header/Header Media Header Menu link colours, underline (can override general settings),effects = Header/Menu Header Search = Header/Menu To put menu in header. Customize/Menus/ Header Menu Font styles = Typography/Main Menu Header Menu dropdown menu height = Typography/Main Menu:Dropdowns Header Menu colour settings = Header/Menu The Main Styling section controls the colors for the very top of the menu buttons. The Dropdown Styling section controls colors for dropdowns only. Header Height/Menu Position…

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