Change Color and Fonts In Blog Post Metas

/* Single Blog Post Metadata Font Size and Colors */
.single-post ul.meta {
font-size: 16px;
	color: #F3EAC7;}
	.single-post ul.meta li a {
color: #F3EAC7;
.single-post ul.meta li i {
color: #F3EAC7;
/* Blog Archive Page Metadata Font Colors */ ul.meta  {color:#F3EAC7;} ul.meta li a {color:#F3EAC7;} ul.meta li i {color:#F3EAC7;}

Edit and add this piece of CSS to OceanWP’s Custom CSS/JS section in the WordPress Customizer. Edit the color in this code. You can also add font family here as well.

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