Find Elementor Custom Fields In Elementor Kit Library Templates

Elementor’s Kit Library templates are well designed and can be a great way to jump start a new site. However, not all their editable components are explained from what I can find.

I will be using their Luxury Hotel kit for this example.

The Single Room templates are found in the Elementor Theme Builder. Click The All Parts filter in the top left column.

Elementor theme builder templates

From here click on the Single Project template. This will control the look of the individual room template.

You will notice the each room page have a different room size under the page title. There is a price field further down the page as well.

elementor edit post title 1

Those are custom fields Elementor inserts into WordPress. If you’re wondering where those fields are for each room, you can access WordPress’s custom fields for each post by turning on the section in Preferences.

elementor preferences show custom fields

After that you will see the custom fields in a panel at the bottom of the editor.

wordpress display custom fields Elementor 1
custom fields wordpress elementor 2